Sunday, 27 January 2008

Make My Day Award!

I was kindly given this award by both Diane Duda and Adriana Whitney so I'm passing it on to five blogs that 'make my day'! Thanks again to Diane and Adriana! :-)


marjorie said...

How lovely of you! :) Thank You so much!! I'm so happy that you enjoy visiting my little bloglet!! :)

Have a wonderful and creative day (I'm sure you will!) :)

vintagepaletteart said...

Thank you Leanne! How sweet of you to bestow this little award to me! =D Now you in turn have made my day! Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment that you left about my little canvas!

Hugs! *Lori

Jo James said...

Awww shucks! What a sweet surprise. Thanks fir making MY day. :)

lunara said...

I like so much your illustrations..!
Great artworks.. ^_^

sa said...