Wednesday 25 June 2008

Sit with the flowers...

This is a painting I've just finished on canvas, with the text added on photoshop. I've decided she's called Frances (a name I love sooo much!) and I'm thinking of creating a little series with her! :)

Wednesday 18 June 2008

My quest for crisp photos!

Hey everyone! Hope all's well with you! I've been trying to take decent photo's over the past few days, of various things like pendants and canvas work, but whatever I do I can't get them crisp and clear!!! I've got a fairly good camera - 8.1MP. I've tried it indoors, outdoors, artificial light, natural light, with a tripod, without a tripod... you get the picture! (No pun intended!!) I've even attempted a photo box... the less said about that the better... Soooooo frustrating! All the blogs I visit have lots of lovely crisp photo's on them so I thought I'd ask for some advice... anything you can suggest will be much appreciated!! x